Wow, December is already here! That seems to be the feeling at this time every year doesn’t it? Two passages come to my mind each December. One is James 4:14. We are reminded there that life our life is like a vapor or mist “that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” The days, weeks, months and even the years go by so quickly. The second is Ephesians 5:15-16. We are encouraged in these verses to “Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.”

We need to be intentional about how we use our minutes, hours, days, and years. It would be helpful if we would remember our two emphases for 2015. The first one is our overall theme for 2015 which is “Model Him.” As time passes, we need to be allowing God to work in our lives to become more and more like Jesus. As we allow Jesus to live in us, He is seen by others. We have an impact on others. Like Paul, we find they follow us to Jesus (1 Corinthians 11:1).

This “Model Him” leads us to our focus for the fall which has been “Life is Relationships.” In reading the Gospels, it is obvious that Jesus focused on relationships and teaches us to do likewise. In Matthew 22:35-40, Jesus tells us that what is of first importance is to focus on our relationships with God and people. Has that been our focus in 2015? As we evaluate what we did in 2015 and what we will do in 2016, we need to be focused on relationships. Don’t focus on things. Focus on relationships! During this last month of 2015 and the Christmas season, avoid the temptation to focus on the material things. In December, model Jesus by making your life about relationships and not about things.

One of the challenges issued this year was to read a gospel a week in 2015. We are entering our last journey through the gospels in the month of December. It has been a blessing in my life to journey through the gospels twelve times this year. I know from what has been told me that others have been blessed, as well. Spending time each day in the Gospels, in the life of Jesus, will help us focus on the things that matter. Focus on Jesus and model Him in all of your relationships during this busy month of December. If you haven’t already, join us on this last journey through the Gospels. A reading schedule is available in print and online.