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Member Directory Update

We now have new ways to access the Member Directory.

Member Directory - PDF

This is the member directory we have been using for the past few years and still works the same.

Online Member Directory

This will take you an online version of the member directory that is searchable.  You will need to login with the email listed for you in the member directory to be able to use the online version.  If you are unsure what email address is listed for you then  you can look at the PDF version of the member directory above to find out. 

Click here for complete instructions.

App for iOS (Apple) or Android Devices

With the App, you sync our church's directory right to an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android device or Kindle Fire.  You will then be able to search for a family or member, and then email, call or text — right from your device. Click below for complete instructions.

Instructions for iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Instructions for Android / Kindle